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Is it too late to promote Clickbank?

I get this question a lot. I guess people are concerned about Clickbanks viability as an affiliate marketing program precisely because it has been around for so long. The thinking is that if a brand has been around for so long, then somehow it is overexposed. According to too many affiliate marketers, if youre promoting a brand that your audience members have pretty much seen for quite some time, they probably are not going to convert.
In many cases, a lot of people who think this way…
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How To Scout The Clickbank Marketplace

Looking for big commissions in affiliate marketing? The Clickbank marketplace is an incredible place to get started. There are lots of amazing, self published books on helpful topics that visitors are hungry to buy. The downside is that since its so easy to get on the Clickbank marketplace, there are a lot of bad products with poor grammar and worthless content. Luckily, once you can separate the wheat from the chaff, youll have a killer source of income. Follow along, and well look at how to sc…
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Let’s talk about investing

I have a friend. We met through a videogame years ago but never met in-person since he lived all the way in Michigan. And for as long as I can remember, hes been serving in the military.
Recently, we caught up on each others lives and the topic of investments came up.
My friend has been taking the extra income hes been making from his network marketing company and building his stock and real estate portfolio.
Personally, I had a pile of loose change lying around and have been usi…
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I finally started investing

Ive been working on something for the past few months. Something I kick myself for not starting earlier. And that is, building my investment portfolio. For the longest time, Ive just been letting my dollar dollar billz sit in my bank account while theyre earning me 0.000001% interest. I already set up my emergency funds and still had some money leftover. So I thought, Why not invest the rest? Before I invested a single penny, I told myself to play the long term game…
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Cash Loans—What are They?

Cash loans Brick are also known as payday loan.andnbsp; These are the loans that you can get without perfect credit and repay on your next payday.andnbsp; They are funds that can help out in an emergency, give you some extra spending money to get you to your next payday, unexpected repairs, and more.andnbsp; They are a short-termed, unsecured loan, given in small amounts, generally not over $1,000. Features of a cash loan They are for small amounts and in many states, there is a limit on the…
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Options for Cash Loans

When you are having money problems and you do not have a clear way out of it, one option is to take a look at what options there are for cash loans. There are a few ways to achieve this. Pawnshops are a quick and easy way for smaller amounts if you have something to being in as collateral or to pawn. Another popular option is looking at online cash loan options. When you have spent all you have earned but the car needs fixing or the kids need school equipment, or the dog needs a vet, cash loans,…
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What about a squeeze page?.

You cant afford not to build a mailing list, when it comes to Internet Marketing.
No matter how well youre doing in your affiliate business, you can lose everything at any time. Ask the countless affiliates who had their site bumped off the search engines, who had their PayPal accounts frozen, who were bumped by their partner websites for reasons they still dont understand. The horror stories would shock you, but the one thing that they all have in common is this:
If you dont have a m…
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Using SEO To Inform Your Website Content Strategy

Isnt it exciting to build a new website? Picking the colours, designing your logo, getting the home page looking just right. I totally understand why entrepreneurs get caught up in how their website looks thats the fun part!
The trouble is how your website looks is only half the battle. And to be honest, its not even the most important half. Looking nice is great, but performing well should be your ultimate goal for your website.
To perform well, you need a website content strategy th…
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